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Scudder, Stevens and Clark

Project Summary

CME Energy advised U.S.-based asset manager Scudder, Stevens and Clark on three successful investments in Latin America, including the development of the region’s first independent power project. 

Full Project Description

In the early 1990's, under the leadership of Lincoln Rathnam, Scudder formed its Latin American Trust for Independent Power. The goal was to successfully invest in private power projects in Latin America. The asset manager was responding to a clear need for privately financed power projects, particularly in Andean countries where dependency on hydroelectricity led to vulnerability during annual periods of floods and droughts.

CME Energy and Scudder successfully overcame several challenges in this project, such as attempting to develop the first independent power project in Latin America. In addition, they faced a complex regulatory, political and economic environment.

CME Energy was a key member of the development team in assisting US based asset manager Scudder. In addition to advising Scudder in the creation of the fund and setting appropriate criteria to maximize the potential for successful investments, CME Energy advised Scudder on three successful investments in Latin America, including Colombia, and the region’s first independent power project. In addition, CME Energy assisted with specific projects opportunities in Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and Central America.

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