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Fremont Energy Center, Ohio

Project Summary

In 2001, CME Energy developed the Fremont Energy Center with Calpine Energy in Fremont, Ohio. This 707 MW combined cycle, natural gas power plant is now owned and operated by American Municipal Power, producing cost effective, clean energy for their memberships. 

Full Project Description

CME Energy discovered a unique site to develop this 707 MW natural gas, combined cycle power plant in Fremont, Ohio in 2001. Due to the combination of adequate water resources, existing energy infrastructure of two electrical substations and gas transmission lines, and community interest, Fremont was an excellent location for a large power plant that helped revitalize the local economy. CME Energy assisted its joint development partner, Calpine Corporation, in winning support from the city of Fremont and the surrounding county through several public meetings in the early stages of plans to build this power plant. 

During the development process, all parties - CME, Calpine, city and county groups, state entities such as the Public Utility Commission, Ohio Power Siting Board, First Energy and AEP) - demonstrated how the private and public sector can work together effectively for the betterment of a community, county and region.


CME Energy identified and secured primary and alternative sites that would enable the natural gas power plant to connect to both First Energy's West Fremont 138 kV substation and AEP's Fremont 138kV substation, in order to facilitate access to two power markets. Fremont Energy Center uses combined cycle gas turbine technology, producing cost-effective, clean electricity. 

Calpine sold Fremont Energy Center to FirstEnergy in 2008, and FirstEnergy sold it to AMP-Ohio in 2011. The power plant began commercial operation in 2012 and continues to serve its surrounding broad community. 

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